Top 5 Things To Buy In June

One of the easiest ways to save more money is by stocking up on food and items when the prices are at their lowest. You can save over 50% off of items just based off of what time of year you buy them. Fruit & Veggies have their own seasons and are way cheaper when they are in season. By purchasing at the right time you can save your family $100’s of dollars per year.Although I know it's not officially summer, it sure feels like it to me. My kiddo is out of school and summer deals are in full force. There are so many fruits and veggies on great deals this time of year. It's sometimes difficult to stock up on fruits and veggies because they go bad so quickly. But, don't forget all the … [Read more...]

Ways To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

It's that time of year. The weather is warm, the windows are open letting in a breeze, and the ants are joining us once again. It seems it happens the same way every year. I see one of those little guys and think it's annoying. Then I turn around there are 10 or 20 ants. I can't seem to kill them fast enough. Although I will use bug spray on the outside of our house, I really don't like to use it inside. Especially in our kitchen where we seem to get them the most.Although I will use bug spray on the outside of our house, I really don't like to use it inside. Especially in our kitchen where we seem to get ants the most. I am always looking for a natural (and inexpensive!) way to get rid of … [Read more...]

Smoke BBQ Rub

Summer is right around the corner! Everyone is dusting off their grills and firing them up. Somehow it just doesn't seem like summer until you have grilled out. Which is funny, because we don't actually have a grill. My husband would love to have one of the big, fancy grills outside but it is so not happening. First of all, they are crazy expensive and I am cheap. Second, they take up so much room and we have an itty, bitty back porch. So to get that awesome taste of summer I use this smoke bbq rub.It is so easy to make. It only takes a few minutes to throw together and makes your meat taste amazing! The smoked paprika makes the meat have a delicious smokey taste even if you don't cook it … [Read more...]

Ways To Make and Save Money With Your Smartphone

Last week I finally picked up one of the new iPhone SE's. I was so excited to get my new phone and play with it. One of the suggestions my husband made was to wait and download each app as I need it. I have SO many apps on my old phone, some like Angry Birds that I don't ever use. But, I noticed within the first day or two I was adding many of the apps back into my phone.I might be a little app crazy, but I use them day in and day out. Not just for spending a little time playing games. I use my smartphone for making and saving money. Just a month ago I received a $115 deposit in my bank account from Ibotta. Your cell phone may come with a high price tag, but you can put it to work to help … [Read more...]

Homemade Soft Scrub

The great thing about making your own cleaning products is that you quickly learn what does and doesn't work together. I absolutely love my rosemary sink cleaner. So, when I needed a scrub for my bath and shower I knew that I could slightly alter it and get a scrub that would really work.I often use my lemon vinegar cleaner or granite cleaner in the bathroom. But, our shower often gets hard water buildup and stains on the shower floor. For this, you need something with a little abrasion to really get it clean. I started with the baking soda and salt combo that I use on the sink cleaner and added a little water, dish soap, and lemon essential oil to make a fantastic smelling and cleaning … [Read more...]

Homemade Frozen Hamburgers

I love freezer meals. When life gets hectic I love knowing that I can pull a meal out of the freezer and cook it. Unfortunately, most freezer meals my family likes tend to be foods made in the oven. When it's 80 degrees out the last thing I feel like doing is baking in the oven. That's where these frozen hamburgers come in. I can pre-make and freeze them on a day when I have a little more time. Then, when I know I have a busy evening I can cook them up.These homemade frozen hamburgers only take about 15 minutes to make up a large batch. I usually try to make up 2-4 pounds at once. You can quickly make them and freeze them for a later date. The best part is they taste so much better than … [Read more...]

Why You Should Automate Your Paycheck

There are 100's of things I have done to try to save money. Some have saved us a little and some have saved us thousands. If I had to list off the best things we have done to save money automating my husband's paycheck would be on the top 5. We never actually see my husband's paycheck. On payday, it is split into 20 or so different directions by having direct deposit. It's deposited into retirement accounts, college accounts, and our 18 different bank accounts.If you feel like you are coming up short every month on money, automating your paycheck might be the help you are looking for. By setting up a direct deposit each week you don't have to think about where your money should be going. … [Read more...]